Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Liebster Award!!

 REALLY an AWARD for this poor little neglected blog.....
Thank you Leslie over at Color, Cut and Glue!
I'm really not sure how she found me but she did and nominated me! 
SO here is goes I'm going to do my best to fulfill the honor!

Apparently, this recognition is given to newbie bloggers.  
(I'm currently in the "Less Than 200 100  50 Followers" club.) 
In other words, it's a fancy way to get your 
blog noticed by other.

Here are the housekeeping procedures that were outlined for me.
*  I must post 11 random things about myself.
*  I must answer the questions she sent.
*  I've gotta select another blog or two, each with less than 200 followers and send them 
    questions as well.
*  I cannot "tag" her back, however I can link back to her post so she can learn more about 
    me and the others she nominated as well.  
First, I'll respond with several random things  about me...
1. I like to wear mismatched socks.
2. I had a cat named TOTO she got her name becasue someone found 
her in a least that's what I was told.
3. I teach in the town that I went to school's really cool!
4. I can't leave the house unless the blankets on the couch are folded.
5. I hate putting my laundry away....I would rather iron it!
6. I met my husband on a blind date, we were engaged 4 months later...yikes!
7. I love pulling weeds.
8. If I could, I would be a crazy cat lady....I have two but it's not enough.
9. I like chocolate chip cookies with only one or two chips in the cookie.
10.  I love the smell of soft scrub in the sink.
11. I'm afraid of flushing the toilet at night.
Now to respond to the questions.....  
1.  How long have you been teaching?  This will be my 13th year!
 2.  Who is your favorite author?  Kevin Henkes  
3.  What is your favorite subject to teachMath...which is weird because 
I'm horrible at doing it but good at teaching it!  
4.  Do you have a special talentI'm "crafty"  
5.  What do you do when you're not teaching I can answer that question with one word... spend time at gymnastics competitions for my daughter.
6.  What is your favorite movie?  I'm a terrible movie watcher....I never can stay up long enough, and my favorite is always the one I just saw 
and then the next problem is I can't remember.  
7.  How long have you been blogging I have had this little blog for two years....I'm terrible at it, I would love to get better!  
8.  What websites do you visit most often Other than a multitude of school related blogs, I visit Pintrest daily!  
9.  Do you have children of your own?  Yes. Two daughters they are so much fun but a lot like me..not sure if that is good.  
10. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be
Oh goodness maybe Hawaii....just did a report with my older daughter and we learned a lot! 
I hope I did it right! Go check out Leslie at
~ Kelly